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What We Can Do For You


Protranz has an extensive fleet of late model equipment and machinery to undertake any earthmoving job - from Dozers to Scrapers, Excavators to Loaders, Graders to Articulated Dump Trucks.
The company has small and large scale earthmoving machines which offer clients greater efficiencies and cost savings based on the scope of their job.
Protranz believe that diversity is key to a successful business, as such are flexible and professional in their approach, working hard to provide clients with an outstanding service that specifically meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.
The company works on small to large scale earthmoving projects - from a day onsite completing a foundation dig for a new build to large scale multi million dollar projects.


Company owner & director Gerard Daldry has always had a passion for the transport industry and transport is central to everything we do as a business. We have a very diverse fleet of truck & trailer configurations carting a wide range of: goods, equipment & products. Our transport services continue to diverisfy each year venturing into new markets as well as finding new & more efficient ways of delivering our existing projects


Demolition has been at the core of our business from the very beginning. We have experience in carrying out all types of demolition work from, simple residential properties to multi-storey commercial or industrial buildings utilising cut and crane, high reach and deconstruction techniques.

Our commitment to innovation led us to develop the first remote controlled excavators that were used for carrying out complex demolitions in the Port Hills Residential Red Zone.

In a world first, Protranz have created the remote controlled excavator, whose sole purpose was to minimise risk to operatives undertaking high risk demolitions.

We have the ability to take on any demolition project NZ has to offer.


This aspect of our business has grown significantly in recent years due to the large increase in contaminated sites & buildings. We have been involved in a number of large scale high profile site remediation projects and a range of commercial & residential asbestos removal projects. We have safely carried out ‘managed asbestos’ demolitions and worked with Ecan & Worksafe to develop safe methodologies that are acceptable for all stakeholders.


Our engineering fabrication team have been behind many of our innovative ideas over the years, but they have also been busy building the tools & machinery we need to deliver our projects. From digger buckets to truck decks, sediment tanks to bespoke vehicle crash bollards. They’ve also made a range of machinery attachments for those unique situations where new ways of working is required.


Protranz own an eCan consented managed fill facility at Leggett Road just outside of Christchurch which accepts a range fill materials and low level contaminated waste. Please contact for further details.


Gerard is well known in the NZ trucking world for his collection of classic trucks that he has been restoring over the last 15 years and continues to do so today. With a strong base of Macks there is the odd International, Scania, Bedford & even a couple of Mount Cook Buses for good measure.

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